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Sunday, 22 May 2011

My Weekend!

Sorry for the lack of posting over the weekend. I have been having a social one for once and have done loads.

On Friday I went for my photoshoot with Carl Lewis from Carl Lewis Photography and had an amazing time. It was so so cold though, which meant I got a little frozen in my pretty dresses! We shot some of the photos in a subway and had some school kids shouting things at me which was quite amusing. Modelling is exhausting work though and I was so worn out I had a little nap after we finished, before heading back to my flat in time for Katie's arrival.

We were both pretty tired so we just had a catch up chat before putting Black Swan on and  watching it whilst eating pizza. Cameron was being really wriggly and wanting to climb and crawl everywhere, but he did give Katie some cuddles which was lovely. After Black Swan we watched How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days before bed. Katie must have been even more tired than me though as she didn't last to the end of the film.

Cameron getting up to mischief!

The next morning, the weather didn't look amazing, but we decided to still head to the beach as it was ok and Katie had really wanted to go. Cameron has been on the beach before but hasn't really interacted with it much. This time he was being really funny about his feet touching the sand! Every time that his feet did touch it, he would lift them up or climb on top of me. In the end I put him back into his pram to feed him as he really didn't seem to like the sand! After about an hour we decided it would be a good idea to go shopping as I needed a couple of bits and wanted to get some more of the nail varnish I was wearing as I am very fussy with nail colours and the one I had was beautiful! We had a look round the shops and we got some lunch as well. Cameron had a little sleep, which he definitely needed.

Back at the flat we had a bit of a chill out before my mum came to pick up Cameron. Apparently the World was meant to end at 6pm so we had a bit of a joke about that. After Cameron had gone I had a shower and did freak myself out a bit when I thought the flat was on fire whilst I was in there! We watched a couple of Saturday night tv shows whilst cooking and eating dinner- bunless burgers with potato wedges and salad mmmm! Katie was hoping to see the Saturdays perform on one of the shows and, after sitting through most of it, they finally came on! We started drinking some of the sparkling rose wine Katie had brought with her during dinner, and I was already a little tipsy by the time I started getting dressed and ready, oops...

We got a taxi into town at half ten and went to Hot Rocks Cafe for some Sex on the Beach cocktails first. They were nice but there was a hen party in the bar and it was pretty loud. I think we had forgotten how busy Saturday nights got in town though as, after moving up to over 21's bar 1812, we could barely breathe, let alone reach the bar for all the crowds of people. We just went to the toilets and acted like children posing for photos in the mirror... We went down to The Lounge bar which a friend of mine runs. One of my best friends Sealy also works there so it was nice to say hello to them.
Hot Rocks

Lounge Bar

Katie had never had a Strawberry Daiquiri before so I decided she should try one. I am not sure whether she liked it or not though. By this point we were both getting tired, and the music in the bar was really loud (turns out we are both old women in town at the moment!). So, sometime after twelve, we got a taxi back to mine and watched some of Striptease (it was on the telly!) and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, whilst eating the remainder of the potato wedges topped with grated cheese, so nice! Katie fell asleep again during the film so I suggested we went to sleep.

This morning I felt the alcohol but luckily not as bad as previous nights out which was good! Katie left to go and visit her brother at around 10am and I had a lovely lie in before going over my nan's for Sunday dinner with the family. My aunt and cousins were down for the weekend so it was lovely to see them as well and Cameron had a little play with his big cousin Spencer. My aunt had given me Spencer's old baby walker back when I was pregnant, and it was in my nan's garage, so we cleaned it up and Cameron had a play in it and loved it! We have taken it over my mum's for him.Back at my mum's Cameron had a visit from his daddy and I have been able to catch up on blogging before doing my revision tonight for my final exam...


A good, but tiring weekend, phew!

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