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Monday, 23 May 2011

My Little Angel: An Update

Every day my little boy never ceases to amaze me in his development. I love him so much it's unreal. In the last few weeks he has had a huge spurt in development and has gone from just shuffling along on his belly to wanting to walk everywhere. He hasn't quite mastered walking unaided yet, though he can walk around furniture alone. He does pull himself up to stand on anything he can get his hands on, furniture, the side of the bath, my legs, other people's legs. You name it! He gets frustrated when he can't walk so I reckon he will be doing that before long as he definitely has the motivation to do so. Cameron also got his first two teeth a few weeks ago and is currently struggling with his third, poor boy. It has made him quite unsettled, especially at night, which has been hard alongside revising for my exams! He has also started talking so much more lately. He will chatter away to himself and to anyone who will listen, constantly shouting. His favourite word used to be daddy, but now it is mummy and he will shout mum, mumma, mummy etc over and over until I pick him up or give him more attention. He definitely knows what he wants. Cameron has got so much character lately, everyone comments on how grown up he looks and acts for his age and I agree. I definitely think he has come out of his shell even more since we have started going to mothers and babies group and would highly recommend it to anyone considering attending one. Here are some recent photos of my gorgeous little man:

Being a cheeky little boy and not going to sleep!

Playing on the X Box with his Godfather Aaron

On his big boy chair in Sunday School

Playing with one of his musical toys

Walking around the furniture, causing mischief!

His favourite game: pulling all the DVDs out!

In his pram on the beach because he hated the sand!

In his adorable I <3 mum t-shirt from Next, in his baby walker!

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