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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My Hot New Shoes

I am in love with shoes! I have so many pairs and I rarely wear any of them apart from ballet pumps during the day. I love heels the most, the higher the better!

I am not a designer label snob though and actually feel sick at the idea of spending more than £30 on a pair of shoes! Which is why my favourite place to buy shoes from is New Look. Most of their shoes are under this amount and are gorgeous! I always find tonnes I love at any one time and have a New Look with a huge section on shoes near me which is bad bad news for my bank account.

I recently bought a pair of bright pink wedges but have decided to take them back as they would not go with that many outfits and are a little impractical. So, with this in mind, when shopping in town with Katie on Saturday I decided to look for a new pair of going out shoes, despite having loads!

I had tried on this pair of really high black suede heels before but had not bought them. When I tried them on again I fell in love and had to buy them. As they are the same price as the ones I am returning, I theorised it was ok and got them and wore them that night in town.

They are a gorgeous and I will definitely have to wear them out next time I go into town!

Just click on the picture above to go to New Look if you are interested in buying them! Only £19.99!

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