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Friday, 6 May 2011

My Diary.... May 5th 2011

Today I was quite nervous as I have grown to hate going into uni and had to for an exam revision session. My nan had Cameron at my flat so I could go in and am so glad I did as I feel a lot calmer about the revision and exam than I did, though still quite sure I am going to fail it!

After I got back to the flat with Abi we took my nan back to hers and went to Sainsburys for something for dinner on the way back home. We decided to have pasta bake, yummy!

Back at the flat I decided to try out my new Zumba Wii game and I absolutely loved it! Could not get off of it and didn't feel like I was exercising at all the entire hour I was on it. I really enjoyed it but could tell it was doing good as I felt like I had done a huge workout afterwards! Will definitely be using that reguarly now as I so needed to get back into exercising.

Cameron's dad came over to see him and caught me still dancing away to the wii, embarrassing! I got on with my revision whilst they had some father and son time and then me and Abi had out pasta bake which was delicious, whilst I continued revising and we also watched Hancock with Will Smith in.

This evening I have just been working away at my revision and am almost done now, just need to add some further reading then type up my exam notes. I am so tired and stressed out though, this exam revision is really taking it out of me!

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