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Thursday, 5 May 2011

My Diary 4th May 2011

Today was pretty stressful if I am being honest. A lot of mothers put on this front and pretend everything is fine and dandy when I reckon a lot of them are just like me some days, tearing their hair out a bit! Because it can be hard with a young baby, especially a teething baby and today Cameron would not stop grizzling as he was in so much pain. What makes it ten times worse is that I have an exam that I need to revise for which is in less than two weeks and it is so so hard to try and fit in revision when Cameron needs me constantly. So, this is how today went:

Cameron was up at half 7 and wanted to play/cuddle/have a little cry.... I had been up late working the night before so was exhausted but put on Winnie the Pooh for him and we had a cuddle in bed.

At half 9 I gave up trying to stay in bed and we moved to the lounge where Cameron had a bit of a crawl and a play with his toys but as I say, today he just didn't know what he wanted and he was feeling very unsettled and unhappy but wouldn't be content with cuddles.

The rest of the day went by with him having cuddles, having little bouts of energy where he would want to play and then he also had a couple of naps which is unlike him but luckily allowed me to fit in some of my revision!

By the time my mum returned back from work I was knackered so happy for nanny to have some cuddles so I could do more of my revision. I have managed to get half of my revision brainstorms done tonight whilst also watching some Desperate Housewives and The Only Way is Essex once Cameron was safely tucked up asleep, and also squeezed in a bath! Absolutely loved the last episode of TOWIE (yes I broke my ban and used the word but it is so long to type all the time!). It could not have ended better, well apart from maybe Lydia getting back with Arg as it was too sad watching him have his heart break! I watched it with my mum and cousin and me and my cousin went a little craxy excited when Lauren pushed Mark in the water! Loved it!

What will I do on Wednesday and Thursday nights now my obsession is over for the summer?!

Right, I am up super early tomorrow to get back to the flat and I have a revision session at uni, first time I have been in ages, so must get some beauty sleep!

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