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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I've finished uni!!!!!

Ok, so I still technically have to finish my dissertation which I have an extension on, but I have actually finished uni and no longer have to go to any more lectures, seminars or exams in my life!

The relief walking out of the exam hall today was immense, I couldn't stop smiling. I went to have my highlights done straight afterwards and had a great time chatting away to the hairdresser like we were old friends, it was great! I walked to meet my flatmate and we bought pizza, wine, chocolate and strawberries for tonight.

We aren't joining our coursemates on a night out to celebrate the end of our degree but instead, in our pjs watching films and having a carpet picnic and a pamper. Relaxxxxxxing as best I can with a 9 month old pulling DVDs out of the cupboard.....again!


  1. its such a good feeling to have finished but i feel a bit lost and like i am missing something, btw if your interested we could get together to organize an event or something, both gain useful contacts, just an idea as we both love it.. maybe organize a wedding event? xxx

  2. sounds good hun... have my silly dissertation to hand in but once that is done, definitely worth having a chat about :) xx


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