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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A new me for a new start....

So, if you have been following this blog from the start you will know that I started with a post on a new me for a new year back at the start of January. Since then, I have changed my hair...again... and went down to my target weight, on target... and I have pretty much finished my degree which feels amazing! Now I want to make some further changes, these are:

1. Tone up my 'mum tum' and other wobbly bits
2. Finish my dissertation
3. Begin my Event Portfolio, link with other businesses and start organising events for free to gain experience
4. Become more confident in myself
5. Change my makeup to a more natural, summery style
6. Find my dream home for me and Cameron next year
7. Grow my nails
8. Start a proper beauty regime
9. Make more of an effort to see friends and family
10. Start going to more groups with Cameron (and networking for business)

I am most excited about number 1 as I love the feeling I get after exercising, but haven't found much time lately with exam revision. This is the new start I needed and I am looking forward to starting tomorrow, June 1st! (mid year resolution!)

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