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Friday, 27 May 2011

The importance of cleaning a baby's teeth/gums!

I don't write many 'advice' blog posts for other mums as I don't consider myself an expert, and every mother and every baby is different. I do, however, believe some things are non negotiable with babies and one of these is cleaning their teeth/gums as soon as they start eating 'proper foods'.

As Cameron is now literally grabbing everything he can get a hold of and stuffing it in his mouth, I knew that he should start cleaning his teeth reguarly. He loves strawberries and these are high in natural sugars!

Luckily for me, Cameron absolutely LOVES cleaning his teeth and tries to do it himself. Sure, he is mainly just chewing on the toothbrush as it feels nice on his poor teething gums, but I make sure I brush his two little front teeth first off so I know they are done and then let him have a little play (supervising of course, or he could do some damage with that thing!).

He has watched me, fascinated, in the mirror for a long time when I clean my teeth so I think he loved it when I introduced brushing his teeth to him and presented him with his very own toothbrush.

I must get a photo of him with his toothbrush soon, but for now, this is the one he has and the toothpaste I use for him:

MAM massaging first toothbrush
Aquafresh Milk Teeth Toothpaste

1 comment:

  1. Aww~ It's cool that Cameron loves brushing his teeth! You've given him a cool lookin' toothbrush too! I guess that's one of the ways you can motivate your child to brush his or her teeth: do it with them.


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