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Friday, 27 May 2011

Flat Hunting-arghhh!

I have tried to avoid thinking about anything stressful until my exams are over with (Tuesday afternoon, counting down the days!). But it has become unavoidable to think of things as I will need to try and book appointments for next week to discuss money issues etc for after uni has finished. I am also having to start thinking about where I want to move to.

My current tenancy runs out mid August but I cannot leave it too late to find a new flat for me and Cameron. I am so unsure where in Bournemouth/Poole I want to move to. I was considering a move to London, but think this will have to wait another year as things are too stressful as it is at the moment, without moving away from all my family! I am not too worried about where I move in regards to Cameron as it would only be a yearly lease and so school would not be an issue. It is mainly down to where would be best in regards to starting up my business, and where we can afford (as well as of course the flat itself being suitable and having somewhere grassy for Cameron to be able to play outside with me!).

I am just browsing at the moment, as revision is obviously top priority, but next week I will be looking properly. It is so hard finding somewhere to live! Don't even get me started on moving out and having to pack everything up and then unpack it all again. Last time I moved I was about to give birth to Cameron (literally, I moved 3 days before he was due!). Having Cameron actually out and around is going to be a new experience though, wish me luck!

In order to ease the stress a little, I managed to get my room a lot more organised yesterday, packing up some things in advance, and decluttering shelves and spaces in the room. I will probably try and space out the packing over summer, as I still have some of my dissertation left to do before August!

Stressful times ahead, though I am looking forward to the fresh start I will be having with my little man. It is going to be just us in the new flat, hopefully with a room for Cameron of his own which would be lovely. A new flat, starting up my business and being free from education finally, it is looking to be a good year! Can't wait...

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