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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award!

I just discovered that the lovely Charlotte over at has awarded me as one of her top 5 Versatile Bloggers.

The rules of the award are that you must state 7 facts about yourself...

1. I am 5'6 and a half! That extra half an inch is important! (or so Victoria Beckham's style book once told me)
2. I have naturally dark blonde hair but have a full head of highlights every few months to make it extra light, love it and don't ever want to go back now, though I am not afraid to experiment and have had a black bob in the past!
3. I have lost all my baby weight and more and am now nine and a half stone which I am very happy with, though I need to tone up my mummy tummy still!
4. I have had my ears pierced three times each side, one was done by my ex boyfriend's best friend's gf on Valentines day
5. I have two tattoos but only plan on getting one more, which I have yet to decide on, but I want a picture rather than words this time
6. I have a very short temper and this can sometimes get me in a lot of trouble...
7. I have never met a nicer man than my grandad who sadly died when I was 12, I maintain that this high standard of a 'nice man' is what is keeping me single...

....and then give 15 bloggers the award, I don't think giving 15 bloggers seems too prestigious an award to have though so I am giving the award to only my top 5 (as Charlotte also did).

My top 5 Bloggers are:

1. Rachel at Life of a Sweetaholic (
2. Charlotte at The Only Exception (
3. Rachel at These Violent Delights have Violent Ends (
4. Tanya at Rambles of a Wannabe Rep (
5. Jade at Jade by the Sea (

These bloggers have been chosen by me because I feel they are all interesting to read, post a variety of topics and are worth following. So, if you aren't already, get following them!

(Rachel (Violent Delights) hasn't posted much lately, but has an amazing writing talent so I am hoping that this blog award will prompt her to write more, because I want to read it!)


  1. I will definitely blog more often. Promise.

  2. I am halfway through writing my Versatile post as I was awarded it by someone else too, and I already have you in my post :)
    Thank you :D P.S You've given me Rachel's link though hehe xxx

  3. Aww thanks Emma! Will definitely put this up on my blog today :) x


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