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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

To Crawl or not to crawl....

So Cameron has been crawling for quite awhile now...To begin with I was delighted that he had reached this important milestone, now I am not so sure how happy I am! Every parent tries to coax their baby to start crawling, not really thinking about how easy they had it before....

 I am not for a minute saying that I wish Cameron couldn't crawl and I know it is an important step to take for babies (no pun intended). I just think I should have appreciated the time before he did as now my life has become even more stressful!

Cameron doesn't crawl in the traditional sense, on his knees, he does an army style crawl which is what I apparently did as a baby as well. I doubt he will crawl 'properly' as I never did. I went from this onto walking and I don't mind, he is still getting around, in fact he gets around way too fast for my liking!

He drags himself along on his belly at a speed I can't quite describe. All I know is that if I dare to look away for a minute he has managed to get himself right across the room and he is always without fail heading for one of two things; wires, or paper! He sees his target, aims and weeeeeeeeeeee he's away and  
heading straight for the forbidden items. If I don't get there before him, he sits with the wire or paper with such a gleeful look on his face, as if to say 'haha mummy, I have the forbidden item'.

naughty boy :P

I can only imagine the nightmare that will begin when he starts walking!


  1. haha bless him! my little brother used to do it on his back, pushing himself along the floor with he legs haha he was sooo fast tho! little buggers! :P xx

  2. Aww that sounds so cute. I've never seen a baby crawl like that before. At least with crawling he can only get to bits on the floor though :) Good luck when the walking begins xxx


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