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Friday, 15 April 2011

My Mini Shopping Spree for My Mini Man!

As you may have read in previous posts, I like to spread the cost when it comes to Cameron's clothes as he grows out of things so so quickly and I never know when I will have no money spare! With this in mind, when I was in town with my mum yesterday, we popped into Primark and ended up getting him the majority of his summer wardrobe in there for £20!

I was lucky enough to have a couple of people already give him items towards his 9-12 month summer clothes for his Christening, so there really isn't much left to get him, maybe just another pair of trousers and a pair of jeans and a hoody as it is England we are in after all...

I shopped in Next mainly for his previous sized clothes but have realised how silly this is when he is only ever in clothes for 3 months at a time at the moment! The Next clothes can be for when he is staying in sizes longer and he will enjoy them more then anyway. Plus, Primark actually do very similar designs to Next anyway, in fact, some of the t shirts he has from Primark are pretty identical to the Next ones!

Cameron was so cute out shopping, I was holding him and he was actually 'choosing' the clothes himself! He was grabbing the ones he liked, was adorable, starting him young!

This is what I got him:

From Left: Long Shorts, Trainer Socks and 2 Pack of Blue T-shirts

Two £1 T-shirts which have such cute logos!

Another cute logo tee and a little blue shirt mum chose

In hotter weather Cameron only needs a babygrow on, these are cute and perfect!

I also went in Primark in Bournemouth today with my friend Sealy and got myself one of those quite big bags, in a light, floral design, after hearing Fay say that she uses one of the changing bags that double as a handbag, those things are not cheap! So instead I am adapting one of these cute bags into a stylish changing bag/handbag. It was only £8, similar ones in New Look are £20-£30! Love a bargain!

My New Changing Bag-stylish :)

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