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Friday, 15 April 2011

3 Month Man Ban!

I bought Company Magazine today and a feature in it caught my attention. The writer had gone on a self imposed man ban for 3 months.

Now, you may argue that in my case, nothing would change, as I am making no secret of the fact that I have no men in my life at the moment..... This IS different though as it is self imposed, as in I will not be trying, or moaning, or attempting to get men interested in me at all for 3 whole months.

It could not come at a better time to be honest as I really ought to be focussing on my exams and dissertation anyway and everyone knows that relationships and men in general only cause more trouble than they are worth! This will be good for me, and as I have gone so long without a man anyway, I should find no trouble in completing the 3 month ban.

Wish me luck girls, not that I am going to need it! And remember to keep coming back to see my updates on how the man ban is going...

Rules of the Man Ban:

No Sex of any kind (kissing, foreplay etc all count!)
No flirting either in person or over text, email, FB etc
No moaning about being single online (this is likely to be my downfall as you will know if you are friends with me on FB)


  1. that's some challenge! if i was single, i would totally find that impossible! good luck with it. and no whingeing!! ;) <3 xxx

  2. haha! It isn't hard when no men are interested! lol... but yes, must not moan! xx


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