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Friday, 15 April 2011

My Low Maintenance Couple of Days

I have tried to knuckle down a little over the last few days and get some of my uni revision done as it is getting closer and closer to my exams now. I usually am quite high maintenance, especially when it comes to my hair as I feel I need to leave it for ages to dry naturally before then hairdrying it and straightening it also.... Takes a while! So this time, and because I was staying at my mum's away from my things, I decided to just plait my wet hair and leave it to dry in waves! This is always a little hit and miss as I cannot plait above my hairline so the top is always non-wavy. Regardless, I plaited and the results are below:

I plaited my hair in 4 even sized plaits and then used hair pins to pin it up onto my head in an uneven bun

The Back View

I left the plaits in the next day, the day after that I took them out and this is the result...

Later that day I decided to put my hair up in a ponytail and this is what it looked like from the side and behind

From the Back

And from the front, love how wavy it went without much effort!

So if you are running late and have wet hair, or just wish to be a little lazy with your hair, I would highly recommend this style as it lasts a few days and looks different from your usual straight or curly :D


  1. Aww it looks fabulous! I wonder if my hair is long enough x

  2. I have done it before with just shoulder length so maybe? It is so easy to do! xx


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