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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Diary.... April 27th 2011

I felt awful this morning as I had a bad night with Cameron. In the morning I just wanted to sleep and sleep but he had other I put his Spot DVD on for him, but he didn't want to sit and watch it, he wanted to crawl around...

Eventually Cameron had a nap so I got a bit more sleep and lazed around a bit until Midday when I suddenly realised I had tonnes to do and no time to do it in!

I sped around packing all our stuff up, feeding us both, dressing us both etc and got back over my flat at 2pm where I put some washing on and had a shower.

I took Cameron out in his pram into town and did a bit of shopping, returned the awful dress I had got for my birthday in the post office and then had a problem locating the hairdressers I was having my hair restyled in...

My hairdresser was lovely and we talked lots about the sort of cut I wanted before she started. I had a great experience and loved what she did with my hair, though my mum, who came to look after Cameron during it was looking scared as she loves my long hair!

After having my hair all chopped off I went back to the flat and Cameron's daddy came round to see him for a couple of hours. We gave him a bath and then Ashley left and I watched The Only Way is Essex before getting into bed to start on my revision-argh!! No rest for the wicked ;)

Please let me know what you think of my new hair, I personally love it but it is quite drastic!


  1. Emma your hair looks amazing :) honestly it really does suit you and makes you look an even yummier mummy :) xxxx

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous, really suits you! I may pinch the idea as i feel i am in need of a bit of a restyle soon and it looks lovely :) just out of curiosity are you able to tie it up at that length? xx

  3. thanks girls :) and Nicola yes I can tie it up on a low ponytail. xx


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