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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Exciting Weekend Plans!

I tend to blog every day, can't think of a day I haven't in a long time! However, I might not be too active over this weekend, starting tomorrow as I will be celebrating my birthday!

Yes, my birthday isn't until Monday (2nd May) but I always spread it out a bit and this year it is two birthdays in one as I feel I missed out slightly last year on my 21st as I had a 5 month old baby bump! This year I will be celebrating it for 5 days, unless you also count today when I had my drastic hair restyle...

Tomorrow I am going on a mini break to Weymouth with my mum and Cameron. If you know me by now you will know that me and my mum are more like sisters or friends than mum and daughter and I love spending time with her, as does Cameron, so a night away from home in a nice hotel and a day in a different seaside town will be lovely, even if it is due to rain (according to Cameron's dad, thanks!!).

So I shall be returning from Weymouth admist all the street parties for the silly Royal wedding (hopefully not getting held up by them or I will shouting some very unpatriotic things!).... When I get back I am going to be having a night away from Cameron to fully relax and enjoy some time with my two uni friends Abi and Georgie, watching films and chilling out with facemasks and pizza, yum!

On the Saturday morning my mum is dropping Cameron back for a few hours and depending on the weather I plan to either go to the beach or just shopping before Georgie has to head back home again. In the evening my mum is having Cameron again and the plan is for me and Abi to go out for a meal and some cocktails in pretty dresses!

On the Sunday I am going to properly chill out before heading back over my mum's where I will be staying so I can wake up to presents on my actual birthday (yes I am a big kid!). I am spending my birthday in a bikini in a spa at a lovely hotel in Bournemouth with my friend Sealy. I have never been to a proper spa before so it will be a new experience for me. I am having a facial and a massage as well which will be lovely.

After the spa I am heading back to my mum's again for a birthday tea, which has become a bit of a tradition over the past few years with my family. It will involve family and strawberries, sweets, chocolate and other favourite foods of mine, and of course my birthday cake which I will blow the candles out on (told you I was a big kid).

I will most probably try and drag it out even further, but these are my plans at the moment. I have to savour it though as after this weekend it is going to be sso stressful with two exams in May and then finishing my Dissertation! I definitely deserve to be spoilt this birthday with all that to 'look forward to'...

I am sure I will be on with updates at least once over the weekend as I am a little addicted to the internet (in case you hadn't noticed!) but in case I am not, I hope you have a great bank holiday weekend, and if you are interested in the Royal Wedding, I hope it goes well!


  1. Wow that sounds like a brilliant birthday :) Hope you have loads of fun hun <3 xxxx

  2. awwweh i hope you have a lovely birthday :)



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