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Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Prodigal Son Returns!

We have been close since childhood :)

My brother James and me have always been really close as we are only 14 months apart in age. When he moved away to Newcastle for University I was really upset as I knew I wouldn't get to see much of him as it is SO far away (takes like 15 hours for him to travel back) and expensive to keep going backwards and forwards. We mainly only get to see him when he comes home for holidays like Easter, Summer and Christmas, but this time he is coming home just because.

At my 21st Birthday Tea :)
It is not just me who is excited, Cameron adores his uncle James and giggles every time I tell him he is going to see his uncle soon. He also loves spending time with my other brother Daniel, who lives near me with my mum. We are having a big family reunion meal tonight for his homecoming, and tomorrow I am dragging him with me for my tattoo retouch as it is going to kill!!

He is only here for a few days so we have to make the most of him being home. He will be back in a few weeks again though, for Cameron's Christening and that time he will be back for a few weeks as it is also his Easter holiday from University.

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