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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cameron is Going to Start Sunday School!

As usual, my mum, me and Cameron all went off to church this morning for 10am. We were about a minute late, as usual... We were a little naughty this time as we couldn't help but laugh a couple of times (discretely, but even so), as there was a woman in the choir who was tone deaf and singing REALLY loudly! It was awful! Not only this but Cameron was also doing some hilarious acrobatics on my lap, and the sermon was totally weird and preachy (not like normal at all!).

So, it didn't really come as a surprise when we were approached at the end of the service by the Sunday School teacher who invited us to start attending the Sunday school with Cameron instead of attending the normal service. She kept stressing how laid back and friendly they all were there and how it wasn't a big deal if we were 2, 5, even ten minutes late...

We were basically being kicked out of normal church, but I don't even care! The Sunday School DOES look fun and will be great for Cameron as he doesn't often see other children at the moment and seemed fascinated by the ones who were still in there when we went to look around. The other mums all seemed lovely too and I am looking forward to next week more now. If the stuffy church don't want me and Cameron (who is always unbelievably well behaved in the service, by the way), then that is fine as we will be in the room next door painting, crafting and making friends.

It is now only a few weeks until Cameron's big day and I am very excited still! There isn't much left to plan so I am now just counting down the weeks. About a week before the Christening I am going to have to have my dress taken in a bit by my nan as I have lost even more weight and it was already quite big when I bought it! Exciting stuff!

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