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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My scary afternoon!

I crashed my car today! I felt like the most awful person in the world because Cameron was in the car with me. We were both fine and the car only had a small crack in the bumper but it really shook me up and I couldn't stop crying.

Cameron screamed when we hit the other car and then started crying loads which was awful, I felt so bad. It happened at a roundabout in Bournemouth. I thought the car in front had gone so checked for cars and then went, but the car in front was still there. I wasn't going fast as I had only just pulled away, but as the car was very close to me, it made a huge impact and scared everyone involved.

I was most worried about Cameron so asked for us to go somewhere more safe, where I could check he was ok, while we assessed the damage. We went to Asda's car park as it was right by the roundabout and the girls in the other car looked at the damage. There was only a crack on their lower bumper. They took my details and then left.

I went and sat in the back with Cameron and started crying. I felt so awful for endangering him. I still felt a little shaky, but had to drive home which was hard as I was really nervous. I will definitely be even more careful in the car from now on and look twice at roundabouts!

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