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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Cameron Meets his Little Baby Friends!

I want Cameron to meet more babies his own age so am looking into mother and baby groups in the area.

But today we went on a little trip to see a couple of my friends and their babies. In the morning we went to see my friend Tish and her baby Max who is 11 months and Cameron and Max had a little play with Max's toys. I haven't seen Tish for a couple of years so it was nice to have a catch up with her as well!

In the afternoon we went to see my friend Charli and meet her baby boy Michael who is just 3 weeks! He is adorable. As Cameron was asleep when we first arrived, I got to have a nice long cuddle with Michael and he is such a good baby and so cute! Made me all broody all over again. When Cameron woke up he was being his usual noisy self and wriggling all over the place, but he calmed down and just sat staring at the baby. He seemed confused that there was a smaller baby than him. Cameron looked massive in comparison!

I think it will be lovely for him to meet more babies his age as he does seem to love being around other kids.

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