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Monday, 21 March 2011

A Little Cameron Update

Cameron started crawling a little while ago, then got a bit lazy and didn't for awhile....but he is back into the swing of things now. The first thing he goes for is my laptop wire! He is going to be a little terror, I can tell!

Cameron loves putting things in his mouth at the moment because he is teething. He started grabbing my iPhone off me all the time and as I don't have insurance, I thought I had better find him a cheaper alternative! I bought him a little toy phone of his own which is so cute, but I make sure I am with him when he has it as it is meant for a slightly older child. He loves it though and when I have my phone and he has his, he giggles at me. He loves copying me!

Cameron went to his first Sunday School session this week and he loved it! I don't spend enough time around children and other babies with him, so it is going to be great for him to be around children his own age. I loved seeing him enjoying himself as well, and got to meet other parents. Can't wait until next week!

'Cameron's' Spring Picture!

That's what Cameron's been up to lately!

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