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Thursday, 24 March 2011

My New Obsession....The Only Way is Essex!

Ok, so if somebody told me that I would be obsessed with The Only Way is Essex a couple of months ago I would be like, wtf?! No way! Buttttt, I watched an episode the other day, found it very amusing, so decided to watch the new episode on Sunday.

I got hooked straight away. For me it is a mix between laughing at how staged some of it is, but part of it, I am slightly ashamed to say, is that I am actually intrigued by it. I think the girls in it are a bit too orange and fake, but I am a high maintenance girl so I do like to dress up and wear makeup etc so in a way I can relate...

My dad and sister live in Essex...Maybe I should move there and become an 'Essex Girl'...

One thing I do know, no matter how much I grow to love it, I will never refer to it as TOWIE,

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