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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Focus on Groupon!

There has been a bit of a stir lately about a great site called Groupon. I joined up to it some time ago but hadn't really paid it much attention until lately. I am now a little obsessed with seeing what the daily deal for my area is.

Groupon ( is an online discount site which is unique in the fact that it counts on getting people to purchase the items it promotes in order to be able to give the discounts. If enough people purchase the deal by midnight each night then the deal is successful and those who bought it can have it, if it doesn't get enough people buying it, the deal won't be charged to anyone.

Since I have started going on reguarly, I have managed to only purchase one deal as I am being very careful with my money at the moment. The deal I couldn't resist was a hair cut and restyle with scalp massage and conditioning treatment for £20 down from £54. I want to have my hair cut before my birthday but it always costs so much so I thought this was a great deal! I have definitely been tempted by other deals I have seen, but have resisted.

It can get addictive waiting to see what new deal comes up at midnight each night. The most recent deal for my area (Bournemouth) is:

Luxury Overnight Getaway for Two with a Three-Course Meal and Breakfast for £125 at the Four Star Legacy Botleigh Grange Hotel & Spa, Southampton (Value £260)

They also have national deals which are usually even better and sometimes pretty amazing! The national deal at present is:

£49.00 instead of £229.00: 32GB iPad for when you sign a 24 month Data Contract with T-Mobile (£27 per month)

I would definitely recommend signing up to Groupon if you haven't already as you can get some amazing bargains on there. I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for something to do on my birthday weekend in the next few weeks.

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