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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cameron Tried Out 'Cameron-led Weaning'!

Cameron has been trying to grab the food off my plate for weeks now and always tries to feed himself when I am feeding him his purees, as well as putting everything in sight in his mouth! I thought nothing of it really until I saw something on Baby-led weaning and thought I would see what it was. It is where you don't bother with purees and just allow the baby to eat the things adults eat. Apparently this allows for the baby to feel more included at meal times and also learn what they like food wise early on.

I researched the government guidelines first, and as Cameron is now 6 months old it says basically to go for it with finger foods. I went food shopping this afternoon and bought some baby friendly 'normal' foods and when I got back I made both me and Cameron a cheese sandwich and set down to eat it with him. He absolutely loved having the same food as me, everytime I bit into my sandwich he giggled so much and tried eating his too!

 He did find it a little frustrating not getting the food as quickly as he would have done had I been feeding him his puree, so I will be sticking with some purees as well to ensure he gets enough food whilst he is learning how to 'gum' his food enough!

I gave him a baby yoghurt as well and he loved that even more as it was nice and smooth but also tasted yummy (I tried a little!). Cameron ate it all up and giggled lots afterwards.

 He loved his first baby-led food session so I am really looking forward to his first family sunday dinner tomorrow night when his uncle James gets home for a few days. He will be having cooked carrot sticks, broccoli spears and possibly some pureed meat with gravy too, excited!

For anyone reading this and thinking of baby-led weaning I would definitely suggest it, but would also suggest reading up on what is safe and isn't safe for babies. Here is where I looked:

But, at the end of the day, every baby is different and only YOU and YOUR BABY know when they are ready to start on solids/on finger foods! I am so excited for Cameron to try all the wonderful foods there are out there, it is making me be more adventurous with my food choices as well...

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