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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Plans for my 'Fake 21st' are now underway!

Now I have finished my assignments and am giving myself a few days break before I start with my dissertation again, I thought I would start planning my 22nd birthday celebrations.

I was considering Brighton but have since decided I don't really want to be travelling anywhere near London that weekend (as it is the Royal Wedding on the Friday). I am going to stay in Bournemouth for the weekend instead as I love where I live and might be having a few people from across the UK coming to stay for it so would feel different seeing it more as a tourist.

I have decided I want to have a night out on the Friday night as it is always less hectic than the Saturday night, and then either just have drinks at my flat on the Saturday night, or go for a meal or a couple of cocktails on the Saturday night. I also want to fit in some pampering or activity style thing on the Saturday or Sunday and also maybe some shopping. I have been looking into activity days and my lord are they expensive?! So, proper events girl I am, I will be trying to make my own rather than go through these expensive sites! I am loving the idea of chocolate making, though not sure how feasible this is done away from a planned session... Also liking cocktail making and photoshoots...Will have a look into it definitely!

I want to spend time with my family and Cameron on my actual birthday which is on the Monday, and hopefully see my best friend who shares the same birthday (she is going away for some of the weekend).

I always drag out my birthdays for longer than I probably should and this one is going to be no exception! I want to go and see a show in London with my mum, but will have to save that for after I finish my exams instead as London would just be madness around that time.

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