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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Cameron Also has a New Wardrobe for Spring!

I have been buying bits and pieces for Cameron in the next size up for a few months now so that I wouldn't suddenly need to buy him a whole new wardrobe. Other people have also bought him a few pieces, including Aimee, Ysanne and Cameron's daddy.

I laid it all out tonight and he has more clothes than me!

He has loads of tops as you can see! The only thing he is a little short of are trousers. I think I will get him another pair of jeans when I am next out shopping.

I can't wait to start dressing him in all his smart new clothes. He grows so fast, I have bags stuffed full of his clothes he has grown out of in the cupboards, just waiting for his little baby brother, if I were to have another boy. Before we know it, I will be having to put these clothes into bags too so I will now start looking for 9-12 months size clothes when I go shopping...

1 comment:

  1. so many clothes!! soo cute! :D i cnt wait till podge is born!! xx


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