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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My Spring/Summer Wardrobe!

I suddenly realised, what with all the nice weather we have been having the last few days, that although I had a nice new style wardrobe for the cold weather, I didn't have anything for when it gets a bit warmer.

I went for a nice long walk with Cameron in the sun today and decided to treat myself (in advance) for finishing my uni assignments by the deadlines. If I don't manage to finish the last one by its deadline then I will have to return all of these new clothes, which is definitely enough motivation to finish it!

I fell in love with the high waisted shorts the minute I put them on. They are so flattering and I am very pleased I fit into the size tens. I love the basic vest tops in New Look, I already have one in red, so I bought bright blue, bright coral and white ones. I got a beautiful heart print crop top from 915 but will have to wear the white vest top underneath as it cuts off at a very unflattering angle with my new mummy tummy (which still has a very weird belly button!). I bought the pale pink cardigan as I had bought it before and then returned it but love it so much I had to have it again!

I loved a pair of sunglasses from New Look as well, but forgot to get them when I had finished in the changing room. I went to Primark afterwards though and found an identical pair for cheaper so I was happy. I also bought a lovely clear bangle with pale pink flowers in. I had one more shop to visit which was H & M. I love this shop but didn't fall in love with anything I saw, apart from a pair of pale grey ballet pumps which will go with my new wardrobe.

I wanted to get a skirt as well as shorts but I didn't like any of the ones I saw so will keep looking. I also am now on the lookout for a pair of pretty floral wedges and a pair of flat sandals. I already have a pair of pale denim jeggings which will look great with the bright vest tops I bought.


  1. i am just about to do a post on my summer bits haha. you got some lovely little pieces, i was going to buy that blue top in new look but i thought i have enough i will get some shorts instead lol xx

  2. ahh thanks :) I'll read yours :) xx

  3. omg this is so getting me in mood for summer! it has to come NOW!!! i am also very jealous as i cant afford to buy a new wardrobe till i get some bday money in may!! :( i actually went and tortured myself in primark the other day, they have some really nice bits, especially accesories :D and these cute light denim pumps!! omg i want lol xxx

  4. oh yeh Primark had loads of nice things in!! and for babies as well! :) xx


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