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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What I am Listening to Right Now!

One of my favourite ways to relax is through listening to music, though the music I listen to doesn't always end up relaxing me. The music I listen to very much depends on my mood and I will vary my music drastically dependant on what is going on in my day.

I have a bad habit of over analysing everything and I can relate pretty much any song I listen to to something that has happened to me, is going on in my life or someone elses. I have driven ex boyfriends mad by sending them lyrics to certain parts of songs which I feel say what I feel about them or our relationship.

I can totally lose myself in music and some songs can totally take me back to certain times or places.

I thought I would make a list of the top 5 songs/albums that I have been listening to lately. These are:

Madonna: Celebration (Greatest Hits)
I got this CD for my birthday and a few of the songs featured on my Birthing CD! I remember listening to this on a long, hot journey to Essex with my brother James when we were going to visit my dad and sister when I was pregnant. We got stuck in a massive traffic jam, I was pretty heavily pregnant and it was boiling! We were listening to this CD on repeat because I was loving it, poor James! I have always loved Madonna and especially love Die another Day and Frozen.

Black Swan Movie Soundtrack
I don't own this album but have been listening to the music from it ever since going to see the film. I have always liked classical music as well as more modern stuff and the music from Swan Lake is so haunting and really takes you into the story. My obsession of Black Swan has revived this love and I am sure I am driving my flatmate mad playing it over and over as it gets so loud!

Lady Gaga The Fame Monster
I wanted this CD ever since I first saw it and I kept looking at it in shops and debating whether I could justify buying buying it. I even looked at it when I was on holiday in Canada.  In the end I waited and my mum got it for me for my birthday. It was worth the wait as I have loved Lady Gaga and her songs since I first heard her. The songs do remind me of my past relationship as many came out during being with him. I love Poker Face, Papparazzi and Bad Romance but also like some of the album music such as Teeth which is slightly weirder! Cameron loves her too and danced to Bad Romance in the womb!

Britney Spears Circus
This is currently what is in my car and, as I can never be bothered to change it, I have been listening to it for some time! I love Britney and have quite a few of her CDs, this is a great one. My favourite tracks are Shattered glass, which makes me sing angrily along, Circus, If you seek amy and a couple more. I feel Britney music makes me happier when I am driving as I am really bad when it comes to road rage and angry music just makes it worse (once I was listening to Foo Fighters and literally nearly crashed my car I got so into it, don't worry it was before I had Cameron!).

Tinchy Stryder: You're not alone single
I like most of Tinchy's songs but haven't got an album. Ever since I met him through more! magazine I have been a little more obsessed with it and so often listen to his songs on YouTube. I like You're not alone best as the message in the title helps when I am feeling low. It does remind me of my ex though, so sometimes it's best to steer well clear of it!

Hope you liked reading about my favourite music to listen to at the moment!

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