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Friday, 11 February 2011

Product Review: St Moriz Fake Tan

 I have constantly heard good things about this fake tan brand. Apparently it has all the same main ingredients as it's much more expensive fake tanning sister St Tropez but at a tiny fraction of the cost, I had to try it for myself! I bought 2 tubes of it on Amazon just before Christmas. They were only £2.50 each and when I got them they are massive for that price! I also bought myself a fake tanning mitt as I was informed things could get a little messy! I got this from Primark for only £2, bargain! It took me ages to find the time to myself to try this product out, but finally I managed it last night!

I hardly ever use fake tan as I am lucky and when I tan naturally over summer I keep my tan for a long time afterwards and so don't feel the need to fake it. However, things were looking a little faded and after having Cameron and having a few stretch marks, I thought some tan might brighten me up a bit (though hopefully not organgey bright!). I had a shower beforehand and exfoliated well. Even that was a luxury as I often don't exfoliate my whole body and I loved having silky smooth skin for once! I then moisturised all over and put the glove on!

The mousse comes out well, not too much with a single pump, but enough to cover half an arm or 1/4 of a leg. I found it extremely hard to do my back and am sure there's a small patch left pale, though this is through no fault of the product, just the fact that I cannot fake tan my back! My inital thought was woahhh that looks dirty! It does come out a little like you have rolled in mud to begin with! However, I smoothed it in and took care to rub around areas that were prone to looking too overdone. The mousse felt nice going on and didn't cake onto my skin or anything which was nice. After I had rubbed it all in I was left with a nice, albeit a lot darker than I was used to colour.

I would recommend that you follow the recommedation of the bottle which tells you the best time to put the tan on is in the morning so that you have at least 6 hours before you need to have a shower. This is because,  having put it on around 8 o'clock at night, I didn't have a shower, but I did do the washing up and got water marks all up my arm. I reapplied to my lower arms after I had finished the washing up which now means my lower arms are slightly darker than my upper arms! I would say by all means apply at night, as the tan does not rub off onto anything after applying it, but do avoid water of any kind!

Looking at my tan today I am more than happy with the product. Despite my inability to apply tan well, I have minimal streaks and the colour is a great, natural tan. My flatmate said she couldn't tell I was wearing fake tan straight off. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking into purchasing a fake tan!


  1. Told you it was awesome :D AND wash your tanning glove, i forgot to wash mine and it went mouldy! lol!! xx

  2. i totally havent washed it! oh nooooooo! xx


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