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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Healthy Eating Recipes: Part 2: My Vegetable laden Chilli Con Carne

Chill Con Carne with added veg! :D

I love Chilli Con Carne at the moment and tonight decided, to make it even more healthy, that I would add in some mixed vegetables and fresh chopped green pepper. I usually only add sweetcorn if anything to it, so this was a great change to make. I am always a bit annoyed when I have to buy a huge jar of chilli con carne sauce as it serves 4 people so I end up wasting some of the contents of the jar, but as I don't have the time to make it completely from scratch at the moment, I make enough for 2 servings (using half the jar) and save some for the next day. Therefore, this recipe can either serve 1 or 2 depending on your appetite or whether you decide to keep some for another time!

You Will Need:

1 Jar of Chilli Con Carne Sauce (I use Uncle Ben's but you can use any brand)
1 green pepper
a couple of handfuls of frozen mixed veg
rice (I use the ready to heat rice in a bag!)
a small/medium frying pan full of mince

What You Need to Do:

-First of all, put the pan on the heat and add the mince (as I use frozen mince it can take a while to cook).
-If you are cooking your rice in a pan then you will need to do this alongside cooking the mince
-Once the mince is completely brown, add the frozen veg and stir it in to ensure it cooks
-Chop the pepper into small cubes and add to the mince and veg
-Add the sauce and stir well, you may wish to turn the heat down at this point
-If using microwave rice, cook this now
-Serve the chilli con carne over the rice

It is very yummy, low fat, and takes only about 5 minutes to cook! A very good thing when you are as rushed off your feet as me...

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