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Friday, 25 February 2011

My New Laptop!

So yes, yesterday was a verrrrry expensive day for me! My laptop has been causing me trouble for months now, and I have spent over £200 in the last 6 months on it. When it started messing up again last week, I could not bring myself to spend even more on having it fixed, just to die again.

So, I looked into my savings and decided I could just about afford to buy myself a new laptop as it was urgently needed for my 2 final assignments. Luckily, I sold my old laptop for £50 for parts and my mum was able to give me £50 towards it too. This meant that my original budget of £400 could increase to £500.

I fell in love with my new laptop the minute I saw it. It is PINK!

It is also a great laptop, with loads of memory and a big screen. It's a Dell, and I've heard great things about the make. I did have an issue with it last night but it has been resolved which means now I get to enjoy my new laptop, but more importantly, that I get to do my assignment! I have some catching up to do....

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