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Friday, 25 February 2011

Focus on: Emma's Events

A bit of background on me:

I am coming to the end of a four year Events Management degree at Bournemouth University. I have a lot of marketing knowledge on top of the events as this is heavily integrated into the course. I also did a placement a few years ago at a marketing company in Bournemouth. This means I am qualified to provide marketing for other companies if required, or for individuals where applicable. As part of my course, I did a year on placement. I spent 3 months at a top catering and events company which was based in Southampton, but we worked all over, including at both Newbury Racecourse, and Wimbledon. I was given the title of staffing manager and I also assisted the managers on all other aspects of the job. It was a great placement and provided me with a huge amount of experience over a relatively short amount of time. I then went on to have a more casual placement with my aunt's children's party company, based in Kent. This was more of a marketing placement but was interesting to see the completely different side of a business, and different area of events. I have also had experience in putting on events privately for both family and friends, this experience ranges from Weddings, Christenings and Birthdays to informal events such as termly reunions amongst myself and school friends. I am highly ambitious and like to be kept busy, so alongside my studies and raising Cameron, I have also been helping people on  a casual basis in the planning of their events. This has mainly been in Weddings, but also I have been planning Cameron's Christening, and my own 'Fake 21st' 22nd Birthday festivities.

Technically, my Events business is yet to be set up officially, as I am waiting until I have finished University in the Summer. However, a few months ago, I saw an ad for free business cards from Vistaprint and decided it would be worthwhile getting some printed to see what they were like and to give to people if they were interested in my business. I had 250 printed and only paid a small amount for postage. I was able to design my business cards from a vast range of design templates and then adding in my own details such as Company name, email, phone etc. The business card is shown below (sorry for the bad quality of the photo, but the design shows up anyway!):

I will be working alone to start with, and working from home. I am specialising in Weddings, though I also have experience in a variety of event types including Christenings, Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries and Children's Parties. Due to starting the company straight from graduating, my prices will start off low. This is great if you are organising an event on a budget! If you have a Wedding or other Special Event you need help planning, please do not hesitate to get in contact. I can either do some planning now, alongside my degree (for FREE!) or you are welcome to book me for an event in the future to be properly planned by myself after my degree is finished in the Summer (at my startup low rates). Email me on: if you want to book me, or have any questions.

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