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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Cameron's Weaning: a little update

Cameron has really taken to solids!

He absolutely loves eating his food from his little bowl and spoon and has started opening his mouth in advance for the next spoonful which is so cute! He eats it all up, gets it all over his face and all over me...

I have so far tried him with baby porridge which he likes, mushed up rusk which he loves, mushed up banana rusk which he hated! I have now started him on a couple of baby purees from Ella's kitchen to test to see if he would like the texture of the purees before I made some myself. He has loved both that I have tried so far: Strawberries and Apples, and Sweetcorn, Pumpkin and Pea. I am going to start making the puree myself at home soon now I know he likes them.

I will also be increasing his meals to two a day in the next couple of weeks as I really do feel that his appetite is increasing and the solids have also helped him sleep so much better! I have also bought Cameron a little jar of 'First Bolognese' as he stares longingly at my spaghetti everytime I eat it lately!

I am enjoying his weaning journey so much. I can't wait until he is sat at the table eating the same food as me.


  1. oohhhh soo cute! wat do ya do wi his rusks put his milk into them to mash em? xx

  2. you can put them with his formula, i just put it with boiled water though :) xx


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