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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cameron's Christening: An Update on the planning!

A couple of people have asked me how the planning is going so thought I would do an update for anyone who is interested.
I have set up a facebook event to keep track of who is coming to the Christening and so far have around half of the people replied which is a good start. Had mum having a minor panic when she saw how many people I've invited and she worried they wouldn't all fit in her flat! I do tend to get a bit carried away with these things...

I have definitely set the theme as Purple and Cream with me and Ashley in purple and Cameron in cream, the Godmothers in black with purple accessories and the Godfathers in lilac shirts, black trousers and purple ties.   I bought my dress at new look the other day, it was £15 in the sale. The only problem is that it is a size   
My Dress

12 and I am a 10 and will possibly even be an 8 by the Christening. I am hoping my nan will be able to adjust it for me. Ashley got a shirt to match the dress and I also bought the little cream suit I put on the other blog for Cameron to  
Close up
wear. He is going to look so adorable!

Cameron's suit

I have been busy on ebay the last few days and am pleased to say that I now have the accessories for both the Godmothers and the Godfathers. I bought the girls matching headbands and matching bracelets and the boys matching ties. I only spent £20 in total on these bits and bobs so am pretty pleased as I don't have much money to be spending on this.

I have been accused of making the Christening very much like a wedding. I have two things to say to this. 1) I feel the Christening is of equal importance to a wedding. It is the day my baby son is accepted into my faith. 2) I am an events management student, who also wants to be a wedding planner in the next year, what  

Hairbands (bought the lilac and cream ones)


can I say? I like to plan events like these! At the end of the day, it's not hurting anyone to have the set-up much like a wedding, so what's the problem?

I still have to arrange the reception side of things, though I do have an idea for the food to be themed as a tea party with sweet things and instead of a big christening cake, to have individual lilac and cream cupcakes.


I am very excited for the big day!

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