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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My Guilty little (food) secrets!

I am still healthy eating and I must admit, I am missing the junk food a little after 5 weeks! I allow myself a couple of squares of dark chocolate when chocolate cravings become too much! But other than that it's breakfast (when I find the time), luch of a wrap and yoghurt and dinner of a homemade meal. It can get tedious.... I do alliw myself a 'treat' day at the weekend, usually saturday. This is when I allow myself to eat what I've been craving during the week. I have just got a huge craving for pizza (down to someone's fb post!) so thought I would name and shame my guilty foods that I shouldn't eat but love:

Pizza hut pizza is the BEST!
1. Pizza!!

I love pizza so much, I could eat it all day, if that wouldn't result in me weighing the size of a house! My favourite topping is meat feast, yummy! Though in the past I have also loved chicken and peppers and pepperoni. mmmmm..just writing this is making me want a huge slice of cheesy doughy pizza...

2. Galaxy or Dairy Milk Chocolate (or Lindor!)

I like lots of chocolate, but these two have to be my favourite. Just the normal milk chocolate ones. I am easily pleased! I hate it when chocolate is hard, like when people put it in the fridge. It has to be soft, almost to the point of melting. Mmmmmm... heavenly!

Sweet Chilli Heaven!
3. Doritoes, Sensations or Plain Tortilla chips with salsa dip

I am more of a savoury than a sweet girl when it comes to bad foods. I love crisps and could sit and eat an entire family sized bag back in the day! My favourites are the above. I went through a stage of being obsessed with 'Nacho Mountain' where me and my cousin would pile tortilla chips, salsa and cheese really high on a plate and heat it and then stuff ourselves with it! Was so good, but so bad!! With doritoes, has to be the cheese one and sensations have to be sweet chilli or chicken.

4. Chicken Jalfrezi Curry with sides!

I do sometimes have a healthy version of this in the week but it's the weekend when I can really go wild with it! I love curry and since being pregnant I have like Jalfrezi. It is spicier than my old favourite Masala and also less fattening which is always a bonus. I love naan bread and onion bhajis and poppadoms. I want a curry now!

5. Chicken Kievs and Chips

Last but not least is the real junk food! Sometimes all you want to do is eat bad processed food and my favourite of this kind is Chicken Kievs with chips and smothered in salt and vinegar and with ketchup on the side! So bad for you but so yummy. Definitely a guilty pleasure...

Ok, I have to go now 'cos all this talk of food is making me so hungry and it's still midweek! This weekend I will definitely be tucking into some bad but oh so good food!


  1. Oh don't, I had pizza last night and now I want it again!

  2. Ooh my gosh you basically have exactly the same fav foods as me. Almost! My favourite foods are Jalfrezi with all the yummy sides (especially naan!), pepperoni and peppers pizza (mmmmm), Dairy Milk chocolate (can't say I agree on galaxy though! Also mine needs to go in the fridge....) Walkers Sweet Chilli Sensation crisps, nachos and crusty french bread with onion and garlic dip.

    Literally my fav foods foods. We match on like all of them except the french bread thing, where you have kiev instead! (I like it, but it's not my fav!) Omg me and my bf used to do exactly the same nacho thing... We got nachos, three cheese and dip and salsa and whacked it in the oven - HEAVEN! had to stop now I'm on a diet, but I went to Pizza Hut the other day and had the nacho sharing starter - o.m.g yum!

    i'm so hungry now!

  3. haha!! that is freaky!! I love crusty french bread too but don't eat it as I bloat loads when I eat it, think I may have a sligth wheat intolerance... I used to love it with soup mmmm :) xx


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