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Saturday, 29 January 2011

My Relationship with More! Magazine...

Anyone who knows me will know that over 2009/2010 I became more than a little obsessed with a magazine, More!

It started when I answered an ad to be a position of the week tester with my then boyfriend. I earnt £50 just for having sex with my boyfriend! Easy money! I joined the more! magazine facebook page but then kind of forgot about it, apart from buying the magazine every so often.

Over the summer of 2009 I was busy on my placement and dating a new guy. I received an email from more!'s admin team asking for girls who would like to take part in a feature for Breast Cancer Awareness 
Boob Shoot!
 week that they were running. The shoot would be tasteful but topless. I was ok with this though as it was for an amazing cause. After the Breast Cancer Shoot I became a big fan of the magazine and also of their facebook page where I started getting involved in discussions and posts every so often.

More started running a competition on the page, moving on from their FFOTW (facebook fan of the week) which had just been a regular poster, they started running little comps. It was, I think, the first one of these that I won. It was on favourite makeup products and I won with a slideshow of the products that I used and a before and after shot of me, very embarrassing!

It was in the spring of 2010 that I really started talking often on the page. I shared the fact that I was pregnant on there and started talking to a few of the 'regular' girls that went on the page, mainly about being pregnant. I remember the first person I made friends with was a girl called Joanne Woods as when I went to Canada I was unable to buy an issue of the magazine and she offered to send me one for when I got home.

I also started speaking to a few girls who already had kids including Katie Lewis, as well as a few girls who were pregnant at the same time as me, including Danielle Jordan Terry and Jessica Peters. I also made friends with a few girls who didn't have kids and weren't pregnant, including Katie Brigden who I have since met a few times.

As I was pretty much stuck at home all day everyday as my pregnancy progressed, I was almost always on the page talking to the others and it became a way to make good friends online. I felt I could really talk openly and honestly to the girls as I hadn't met them and they knew the person I was then as opposed to anyone I had been in the past.

Due to being on the page a lot, I often saw posts put up by the magazine giving the opportunity to get involved in articles as well as being able to comment on issues that might be picked to be in the magazine. I've had a few comments in the magazine as well as giving reader advice, after someone from more! emailed me asking me if I wanted to do it. I have also been quoted in the magazine alongside surveys they have done, including a sex survey and a plastic surgery survey.

I entered for a chance to go to a party with Tinchy Stryder last autumn and was picked to go and was able to take my friend Abi with me. We had to pay for our own transport which was pretty rubbish, but I made a day of it, taking Cameron with us to London and having my nan look after him whilst the shoot went on. The shoot was a bit staged and although music was playing and they did eventually get some champagne, it was pretty forced and Tinchy himself looked totally bored to be there. A few of the girls who went were quite 'groupy-ish'. I did enjoy being in a nice club and the fact that we were in the magazine.


I haven't been able to locate all of the articles I have been involved in but have found some of my best! I estimate that I have been in the magazine around 9 times.

About meeting Keira Knightley!

Reader Advice

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