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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My Little Water Baby!

I have been wanting to take Cameron swimming for awhile now but have been waiting until he had all his jabs done and would enjoy it more for being that little bit older.

I was so excited this morning when I was getting ready to go. There really aren't that many swimming pools around the area with kids pools so in the end we went to a pool which is quite new. Abi came with us and it could not have gone better!

getting ready for pool time!

my little boy :)


 Cameron looked adorable in his little swimming nappy and, despite looking a little shocked and worried when we first got into the pool, he absolutely loved his time in the pool! We were in there 40 minutes in the end! He had a bit of a splash around, sat on my knee whilst I sat on the pool steps and kicked around a bit, getting used to the water.

I took a tiny bit of video of him with Abi on the steps before I got told off by the lifeguard who told me it was illegal to take video footage inside a public swimming pool! I was pretty annoyed. I get that some sick people out there take footage of other peoples kids but come on, this was my own baby and all I was trying to do was take some footage of my baby's first swim!! Eurghh makes me mad, this country have taken things too far wrapping people in cotton wool! Luckily I had already taken 30 seconds of him in the water, so eff you pool man!

We ventured a bit further into the pool and Cameron had a little 'swim' on his back which he loved. He put his little feet together and looked so cute! I was careful he didn't swallow any water, that would have been horrible. He had a great time and was really watching the other little babies and toddlers in the pool as well as looking up at the lights on the ceiling.

When it came to getting out, I wrapped him in his little towel and we went to get changed. He got very upset then and made it sound like I was killing him in our cubicle as I tried to get him dressed. In the end I had him half dressed and Abi held him while he had some of his bottle to calm him down.

We went into the coffee area and I gave him the remainder of the bottle and he promptly fell fast asleep in my  
all worn out!
arms having worn himself right out in the pool. I loved every minute of it (well maybe not the bit in the changing room!) and am definitely making it a regular thing. I am also considering signing up for the baby swim lessons as I think it would be a great way to teach him swimming early on and get him more used to the pool as well as meeting other mums and babies in the area.

All in all, a great day!


  1. in my pool your allowed to take photos/video if you sign a form at reception?? infact i think the law is if you have signed and have writen permission your allowed lol xx

  2. You're such a fantastic mum Emma,Cameron is a very lucky boy,I havent even taken Fletcher swimming yet, he looks so cute in the video xxx


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