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Friday, 7 January 2011

The New Year, New Me Plan:

I knew I wanted a change in 2011 but I knew if it was going to work, it would need a proper plan. So I set about writing one and here it is:


I wanted to ditch my usual style of too short skirts, tights and jumpers for a style more suitable for being a grown up and a mummy so I chose:

The Planned New Clothes

-Girly and Glam Tops
-Skinny Jeans
-Baseball casuals
-Pretty Pumps
-Sexy Boots
-Pretty delicate jewellery

My New Clothes fresh from the sales


Fed up of having the same style of hair for a while but not wanting to get rid of my beloved full head of blonde highlights or cut off any length, I went for the only remaining drastic change, the fringe! Still a bit nervous to go the whole hog and have a full fringe, I went for the side fringe and I LOVE it! Although I have had mixed reviews as to whether it makes me look older or younger?

My New Fringe :)


Just wanted to make my makeup a bit more adventurous, having got into habit. I'm going for more colour on my eyes and more definition on my brows.
New Attitude!


2010, and the years prior to that, involved a lot of men walking all over me, and me letting them. I decided 2011 would be my year, my rules. No more letting men have me for one thing, if that is going to happen it will be because I want it! Along with this, I won't be letting the little unimportant things get to me anymore. It really is time for a change.


My Tattoo I already have on right foot :)
Ok, so this one isn't really a whole new thing as such but a tattoo is there to stay. So, after thinking about it throughout being pregnant and wishing I could have it done sooner, I booked my 2nd foot tattoo in for February half term! It is going on my left foot and saying:

Wish Upon a Star *
The idea is that it signifies me becoming a mummy and each time I have a baby I will have a star added to the end :)

                                                                      That's the Plan!


  1. love it emma, looks lovely, hope you dont mind me following, great writing <3

  2. I love your new hair, it's hot! And I want the black sloganed top :) Looks like it's going to be a great blog xx

  3. I love that flock polka dot top! You will be one yummy mummy! x


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