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Friday, 7 January 2011

My Past Looks *Cringe*

Soooooo, Katie suggested I actually show you all what I looked like before this new me transformation....This is obviously something I should have thought to do myself, oops, but oh well onwards and upwards! Instead of just putting up one pic of me before 2011 I thought why not treat you all to a display of my changing style over the last 5 years. If not for any other reason than to give you all a good laugh on a cold and wet January night!
Here you go:

Aged 15 with my natural hair :)

17- with dyed brown hair, natural waves

At my 18th Birthday Drinks with a black bob!

Short and coppery brown

The start of the long process back to blonde!

More Highlights

Finally looking blonder!

As Madonna at my 20th
Christmas 2009 def blonde!
Christmas Day 2010 before the fringe....
....and after fringe, on New Years Eve!

And this is what my style used to be like......
Wasn't I

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