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Saturday, 8 January 2011

A little background on me (the fallenangel part!)

So, I really don't go about things the way you should and so didn't start at the beginning of the story. I bet you read what my blog is called and wondered why from fallenangel? Well, even if you didn't I'm going to tell you anyway, so there!

Me and my friends :)

At school I was one of those girls you would refer to as a goody goody. As in, I would get the good marks, do my homework and I didn't have a boyfriend, or even really meet any boys by the age of 15! I was at grammar school in Bournemouth, having moved down from Kent aged 8, and I had a huge group of friends who I loved but I felt something was missing....

So, aged 15 and a bit (the bit is important you see) on a holiday to Cornwall with my family anfd bff Aimee, I met a boy who was a year older than me and had my first ever kiss! It was a slippery slope from there though, you see. Back at school, I started hanging out with another group of girls who knew a big group of older guys and had parties etc (I know, so cliched!), and I started going to the parties with them. I had alcohol for the first time at one of these parties, bacardi and coke-yum, not! I walked into an open oven door and fell on my back, what a loser!

The House Party where I met Luke (he's the boy on the right)

                  But it was at another party that I really changed, and met *the love of my life* (lol).

Me and Luke in Cyprus 2006
I was really nervous when I arrived at the party because there were so many boys there (I know, what a loser!) so I ended up downing a bottle of Lambrini in the bathroom with my friends before heading back into the lounge to meet these guys (Lambrini says it all really). I won't go into details and bore you, but I ended up kissing quite a few people at the party and ended up sleeping next to one guy, Luke. And yes, we were JUST sleeping next to each other. I was still relatively good at that point! Within a couple of days of the party me and Luke were going out and became pretty inseperable and things would have been amazing, if we hadn't have been so determined to ruin things for ourselves!

What followed was an on and off two and a half year relationship which involved cheating on both sides, a 6 month engagement (without a ring, boo!) aged 16, moving in and moving out, working together, public rows across an ice rink, and lots of drama in general. But I wouldn't go back and change any of it because it helped shape the person I am now, and I love her! :P Plus, it was Luke who gave me my nickname of fallenangel, because originally I was his angel and then I turned bad.

After splitting with Luke for the last time, just after I had turned 18, I had a last wild summer before heading off to Uni. Though, due to extreme laziness and an initial refusal to go to university at all, I ended up at Bournemouth Uni and still living at home.

Me, Abi and Georgie on a night out :)
At uni I met two amazing girls, Georgie and Abi, and we became joined at the hips! We practically lived at Georgie's uni-let house and we partied every week, leaving work until the last minute and cramming knowledge into our brains in the early hours before each exam. I also met my 2nd boyfriend at Uni. He was on my course and was much more mature than I was at the time so I thought he might help calm my wild child inside me down a bit.

And he did for a year, before I got itchy feet and knew things weren't really working out. But somehow, the relationship carried on for another 6 months after that and so when we did eventually split, it wasn't a very amicable thing.

Luckily, we were both off on placement for our third year of Uni and it was whilst working for a catering/events company at Wimbledon that I met my 3rd boyfriend, Jason. By this point, I was back to being a bit of a bad girl again and the first time I kissed him, I also kissed another of the group we were in, and unbeknown to me Jason had a girlfriend already.

                                                                   Not a great start!

However, he split up with her a week later and despite never intending to get into a long distance relationship (I was back living at home again in Bournemouth and he lives in East London) we ended up going out for 6 months. Things were never easy for a few reasons: Jason worked as a fireman on shifts and would often have to cancel coming to see me at last minute, he was 9 years older than me, he apparently couldn't take me home to meet his family and still lived at home, and largely due to the previous reasons, I did not trust him as far as I could throw him.

I spent the whole time on edge and fed up of arguing more than I actually saw him so, in Decemeber 2009 I split up with him, and the rest is history (and also in my 1st blog!).

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