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Saturday, 8 January 2011

A little update on my little man :)

Cameron is 4 months old in just 5 days and I cannot believe how fast time has gone! He is looking so big lately and he's very chubby in the face, tummy and leg areas! He can sit himself up now and roll over as well as babbling non-stop to us all. His only word so far is apuuuu, which I'm pretty sure isn't a real word! He has a temper on him already (nooooo!) and screams the house down when he wants his milk!

Once he is 4 months old I plan to start slowly weaning him onto other foods as he is a very hungry baby and looks longingly at our proper food already. I'll start him on baby rice and porridge and see how it goes from there. Exciting (but messy) times ahead!

Due to Cameron being extra hungry, I thought I would try out the Aptamil Hungry Baby Milk last week.

My advice to mummy's thinking of doing the same is: DON'T!! For a start the milk was thicker in consistency, thus making it harder to mix it together and messier getting it into the bottles. Cameron only ever drank half the amount it said he should be drinking (for his age and weight) as he seemed to get fuller too quickly. This meant a lot of waste occured, and at £8.49 a tub, this stuff isn't something you want to be wasting! I also noticed that on the hungry milk Cameron seemed extremely energetic, even more so than usual. He would kick his legs really fast, try and jump himself when on your lap and became unsettled at night. This led my mum to the conclusion that the hungry milk could even contain some additive to make him act this way? I have no conclusive evidence, and of course it could be coincidence, but now he is back to regular aptamil he is back to normal! Strange!

On the subject of baby milk, I managed to start a little debate the other day on whether baby formula should be reduced in price or even made free. Would love to hear further opinions on this! It all started when I went to the co-op to get Cameron's formula to find that it was a pound dearer than anywhere else I have got it from (£9.49 as opposed to £8.49). I complained at the till and the really nice guy at the counter took the extra pound off and told me he would speak to the manager about how unfair it was to charge more for such a necessary item! It is such an expense, even at £8.49!

I plan to update you all on little Cameron each week, but just to end this update, here is a recent picture of me with my little man :)

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