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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Everyone secretly loves to name drop and I'm no exception!

Yes, this is one of those bragging posts that I know everyone secretly dislikes but I am excited to have met some of the celebrtities I have so here goes:

When I used to live in Kent, my nan lived in Dartford so I often went shopping there and it seemed that so did the Eastenders cast! I often saw a few of the stars of the show (back then). For example, Daniella Westbrook. This was my earliest claim to fame aged about 7!

Dartford High Street

Aged about 11 I ended up on stage at a show alongside David Essex after putting my hand up to get picked. I didn't even know he was famous at the time but mum told me he was so I was happy!

David Essex

For a long time I didn't meet any more celebrities but in December 2009 I made up for it by meeting a proper one! I was celebrating my 2nd cousin's 40th birthday party at an exclusive members only bar in West London when we were suddenly told by staff we were no longer allowed to take any photos. A few minutes later Keira Knightley, Damien Lewis and loads of other people walked into the bar. I don't even like Keira Knightley as I have always thought she was pretty stuck up. But it was still pretty cool to see a list actors right in front of us.
In the West End Show they had been rehearsing for before coming to the club
Now, at this point, I was already incredibly drunk so I wasn't content with just seeing them. Instead, me and my cousin Aaron went right up to them. He started telling Damien Lewis how much he idolised him whilst I can't even remember what I said to Keira Knightley. I either told her I loved her (a lie), that I thought she was stuck up (the truth) or (*cringe*) the most worrying option that I wanted to have a threesome with her and my then boyfriend. I hope it wasn't the last one but texts sent to my boyfriend suggest otherwise! I then spent the rest of the night dancing next to her and probably genuinely annoying her until I was so drunk I got fireman-lifted out of the club by my uncle, thrown in a waiting rickshaw and ended up falling and hitting my head in the train station on the way home causing me delayed concussion the next day, oops!

Proof of how drunk me and my cousin were the night we met Keira Knightley!
 Most recently, I won the chance to meet Tinchy Stryder at a club called the Vendome in London's Mayfair thanks to More Magazine. I took along my flatmate Abi and we got to have a photoshoot, pink champagne and canopes and even managed to get individual photos taken with Tinchy. I thought he was a bit arrogant and could have seemed more interested in the shoot, if I'm honest, but I enjoyed it all the same and that time I made a few people, including my cousin, jealous!
With Tinchy Stryder :)
                        So that's all of my claim to fames, hope you enjoyed the bragging! :P

                P.S: feel free to use the comment section to brag about who you have met celeb-wise :)

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