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Friday, 7 January 2011

New Year, New Me! A recap of my 2010....

                                                      2010 was a crazy, crazy year for me.

I split with my ex at the start of the year and started something with a different guy, only to find out a week into January that I was in fact pregnant! Obviously this was not great timing and believe me, there was a lot of crying and a whole lot of drama! But I knew I could never not have the baby, and so, a few weeks later I had the 12 week scan and from then on I was smitten with my little baby bump. By my 20 week scan just before my 21st birthday I was bursting to know what I was having and I already knew his name when the sonographer confirmed it was a boy- Cameron.

My 21st wasn't quite what I would have chosen, in fact my original plan was to go to London and have a boozy night out with the girls. I think it was a sign, even back then in May, that I already wanted to turn my life around and become a sensible mum.

My pregnancy carried on for what seemed like forever, and despite midwives and myself thinking he would be early, my little boy was a week late. My waters broke on September 11th, talk about dramatic! But, when no contractions came, I was sent back home to hope they came overnight. They didn't. So early the next day I was back in hospital, induced, and that night I started going into established labor! Around 8 hours later my little boy arrived and was placed in my arms early on Monday 13th September.

                             It was the best moment of my life. I was born to be a mummy.

Things didn't get less complicated in the remainder of 2010 with my final year of uni starting just a week after Cameron's birth and moving into my new flat too. It's safe to say that, for me, 2011 couldn't come round fast enough.

I know it's cliched to use the new year to start over but I frankly don't give a damn. I want to start 2011 as I mean to go on and the 'New Me' plan will help me do just that!

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