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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Just a little update on my 'New Year, New Me'...

It's been 2 weeks since my new me started and so far, so good!

I have started wearing my new clothes, I practically live in my black skinny jeans and a variety of tops! I've ditched the short skirts and tight tops and am still loving my new hair, though it does take a bit of practise to get the fringe in the right place myself each time I wash it! In regards to looking better and eating healthier, I have managed to lose 5 pounds so far and it is most noticeable in my face and around my stomach and thighs which I am very happy about. I am determined to look great and so have bought a new exercise DVD online to get some extra exercise in on top of the long walks I already have planned.

I am also getting somewhere on the new attitude. I am not letting the little things get to me as much and, in regards to men, I am less needy emotionally with those I am in touch with and am also back on a dating site to see where that goes...

I am back in the flat full time again after a much needed break over Christmas spent at my mum's. I am determined to get back into a good routine not just with Cameron but to make sure I am taking care of myself as well. More sleep, more rest and more planning to ensure my uni work gets done on time! I have treated myself to a couple of new products as well to help with the 'new me' and will review them and update on how they are working out for me in a later blog.

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