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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Cameron's Weaning Journey Begins!

Cameron's 4 month check on Friday, and seeing on the news that some research was now suggesting 4 months was a good time to start weaning, I had definitely made my mind up that I would start weaning Cameron. I had already kind of decided on doing it at 4 months rather than 6 as Cameron is getting so hungry and doesn't seem to get full enough on milk alone.

So, with this in mind, I decided to buy some baby rice and baby porridge as well as some baby juice:

Yesterday, I started him on the baby porridge. The box suggested 1 spoon of porridge with three spoons of water so I did this and then added another half a spoon of water to make sure the mixture was smooth enough for him as he hadn't had anything thicker than milk before. Cameron was a bit unsure at first but  
Cameron's 1st reaction!
within a few spoonfuls he loved this new taste and finished all but one tiny mouthful! He was a little hungry  
feeding him :)
afterwards so had some more milk too. No wonder he's getting to be a little chubby!

He's also had a cup of baby juice which he was a little dubious of but got the hang of and seems to like. I plan to give him a little every so often, mainly when he seems thirsty rather than hungry.

If I have time tomorrow (I go back to Uni) then I will be trying him with the baby rice to see if he likes that. I plan to give him either porridge or rice daily from then on, building his tastes up gradually and going from there.

I'm really looking forward to it and like to think Cameron is too!


  1. I love his first reaction. It's a mix of shock and ooo new stuff :) So cute! xxx

  2. haha bless him! i am very interested in what this is like so keep us updated :D i want one now!! lol xx


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