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Saturday, 15 January 2011

I won a Miss Selfridge Burlesque Comp!!

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Miss Selfridge telling me that I had won a competition they had run for a Burlesque goody bag! I was really shocked as I had forgotten even entering it and I NEVER win anything! I was feeling a bit fed up today but then I got a parcel through the post and it was the goody bag. Cheered me up! Here's what I got:


I love the Smashbox makeup especially. The liquid eyeliner is really good, its nice and thin which I love as it's really easy to make eyes look too overdone with a liquid liner. The eyeshadows are all really nice shades: a dark purple, dusky pink, shimmery gold and a dark grey. There is also a pot of shimmery powder which looks great! The pink lipgloss smells AMAZING and made my lips look great. The other lipgloss was a bit too vampish for me and didn't smell or taste anywhere near as nice.

I also got a makeup bag and a mirror. I have needed a new small makeup mirror for awhile and been too lazy to buy one so this was a great item to get! It's pretty tacky to be honest, having burlesque written on it but I can't complain when it was free! The makeup bag was also pretty cheap looking but will do as a spare one that I can keep at home.

I got an OPI nail varnish. Having never tried OPI before mainly due to the price and the fact that I already have so many nail varnishes! This one I was a bit dubious of as it looked really white in the bottle. It did look better on, but still not to my taste really as I prefer clear nails or dark colours. This was a nice shade, just not for me. It was a pearly colour with a subtle shimmer.

OPI nail varnish

I also got a 30ml bottle of Christina's perfume which I already knew I liked so that was a bonus. It's a great scent.

Finally, I got the Burlesque Soundtrack which I have yet to listen to but it looks ok. Having not seen the film I can't really tell what it will be like but I do like Christina's music so have high hopes.

Am a happy bunny tonight!

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