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Monday, 24 January 2011

Cameron's Weaning Journey: A little update

So, Cameron has now been on solids for a couple of weeks!

So far I have only been giving him a bowl of baby porridge every day. I make sure he has it around early afternoon as it says not to give babies solids too late in the day. I tend to feed him some milk from hus bottle, then feed him the porridge, and then finish off the milk. This seems to work well and I have been increasing the ratio of powder to water and it is now thicjer and more textured for him. He can't get enough of it! He has already started trying to feed himself but can't quite grasp it yet!

I am going to start him on baby rice tomorrow in place of the porridge and see how he gets on with that. I am planning on introducing blended food in the next couple of weeks. I am certain Cameron will love this as he still stares longingly at my food!

I bought a highchair in the Asda baby event for £25. It was a good trusted brand (Gracco) and it's so nice, a pretty blue colour. Can't wait to have him sit in it for mealtimes! Am just waiting until I am completely confident with him sitting unaided before I put him in it, but that should be very soon!

It's so good seeing him eat food and it has definitely helped his sleeping pattern. He sleeps from around 10pm until 6am, has a bottle and sleeps again until 10 or 11am.

Look out for my next installment of Cameron's weaming journey: the blender comes out of it's box!!

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