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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cameron's Story: Chapter 3: 2 months plus

When Cameron was a couple of months old, he took his first journey on a coach to London. I had won the chance to go to a club event and meet Tinchy Stryder and, though Cameron wasn't allowed to come into the actual club, I brought him along with me with my nan to babysit him whilst we were in the club. The journey there was ok, he was in his car seat next to me and he was perfect the entire journey. He got a little hungry when we entered the outskirts of London but I was able to get him out and feed him and he was fine. After I had been in the Tinchy shoot I went to meet my nan and we went to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. It was really festive and got me in the holiday mood! Cameron didn't seem too impressed by it though and just stayed in his pram as we went round. The journey back was a nightmare, as the driver was really nasty to me about having Cameron on board and suggested I shouldn't have taken such a young baby on a coach! I ended up having a panic attack on the journey home because I was so upset and stressed, and I hate London and public transport, so it all got a bit too much for me. Glad I went though, got to meet someone famous!

The next few weeks were a blur of uni assignments and preparing for Christmas. I had done all my Christmas shopping really early as I knew I didn't want to risk going into town in huge crowds with the pram. I resisted wrapping the presents until the beginning of December, though. Even the tree didn't last that long and was up the last week of November! I was still having a really rubbish time regarding my ex boyfriend and feeling low and lonely so I wanted to focus on Christmas and make it the best first Christmas ever for Cameron! I may have gone a little overboard on his presents as I was so excited! Most of them were clothes which I could justify as he had already grown out of newborn clothes and was growing out of 0-3 months as well! Cameron has become a very hungry baby and started putting on loads of weight especially around his tummy, legs and face!

Just before Christmas, Cameron got the best Christmas present ever in the form of his daddy. I had been thinking since his birth that Cameron didn't resemble my ex boyfriend at all (he's mixed race) and began to question my original dates and whether there was a chance that the guy I was seeing just after my ex could in fact be the father. I went to speak to him and we decided to do a paternity test to know for sure. It was expensive, but worth it as when the result came through confirming that Cameron was in fact Ashley's baby, he wanted to be involved and so Cameron got his daddy for Christmas! It has been a weight off my shoulders as it means that although I am still a single mum, Cameron does get to see his dad every few days which is lovely for him. It finally meant that I had closure on my ex as well.

Towards the end of December, me and my mum went to Kent and Cameron got to see his relatives again and my friend, Katie. He also got to meet his great-nan (my dad's mum) in hospital. Everyone adores him! Over Christmas, me and Cameron stayed at my mums a lot as my flatmate had gone home for Christmas and I wanted to be with family. We had a lovely time and even though Cameron didn't really understand what was going on, he still seemed to enjoy it! Cameron started sitting, propped up and also loved to babble at us, his first 'word' was abuuuuuuuuuu! Still not sure what that means... Christmas day, Cameron fell asleep whilst opening my presents, and later on that day when opening his dad's presents he got so overexcited with all the attention that he ended up crying and being really sick which wasn't too much fun! Next year will be better! He will understand it more...

He had his 2nd and 3rd jabs over this time and was perfect both times. He cried when the needle went in but then gave the nurse huge beaming smiles after each one! He holds no grudges! He began teething in earnest over Christmas, which did make him quite grumpy and has also made him quite clingy, only wanting me sometimes when his teeth hurt which is tiring! I used dentinox to begin with but that didn't seem to be enough so have started to use bonjela for babies which is stronger and seems to work faster which is always good when you have a screaming grumpy baby in your arms!

Cameron has a swingy chair at my mum's flat which he goes to sleep in easily, so may have to steal that! For new year, I had a relaxed night at my nan's house with my aunt and a couple of cousins and my mum and Cameron. It was nice not to go out for once, New Year in town is seriously overated. Cameron loved seeing his nanny so much as well as being able to see his Uncle James who is at uni in Newcastle most of the time. I got to spend time on my assignment for University whilst at my mum's, after Cameron went to sleep I would work through till around 2am. It was really exhausting, cannot wait to finish University and be able to spend more quality time with my baby, though I am proud of myself for finishing my degree!

Cameron got lots for Christmas and one thing was a Winnie the Pooh bear from his auntie Kat. He loves it and can't be without him in his car seat! :)

So that brings you all up to New year with Cameron, which is where I started the blog off. Hope you enjoyed hearing about Cameron's first few months. I will be keeping you updated with him in future posts and if you are interested, follow the posts I have started on his weaning journey! It's set to be a messy one!


  1. soo cute! ♥ Abu means "hooray" in Irish and it also means "father" in Arabic and some other languages :p xx

  2. wow! thats really interesting! :) xx


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