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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Run, Forest, Run!

You know when you have wake up and have a really good hair day and then you go for a morning run with your boyfriend and totally ruin it? That was me this morning. Well, at 5.30am, which can't even really be described as morning. 

Forcing myself out of bed was so hard but so worth it. Last Wednesday he made me do a 10k. Which, no joke, almost killed me. I could barely walk for days! This time we did just under 6k, which was much more manageable, but still bloody tough! 

I'm really proud of myself though, not just for actually getting up and exercising before work, but for managing to go the distance and train. I want to be able to run a 10k race at some point in the not so far future so running like this will really help make that more achievable. 

I'm really grateful to Ed as well for pushing me, for not letting me stop when I moan at him that my chest hurts, I have cramp, my legs are tired, I can't breathe etc (although during our 10k when I actually couldn't properly breathe and had two panic attacks he was really supportive). 

I gained a stone and a half in the past year and so far have managed to lose half a stone through healthy eating and exercise. My goal is to lose a further stone by my brother's wedding at the end of May, as I am maid of honour and want to be able to look nice in photos. Hopefully by keeping up my fitness and continuing to eat healthily my goal will be in reach! 

P.S I have no photographic evidence of my run as I actually managed to detach my phone from my hand for once and left it behind to aid the running! 

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