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Monday, 11 November 2013

Introducing... My Bridal Party

With my Hen Party and Bridal Shower at the end of the month, I figured it was as good a time as any to introduce my bridal party.

When it comes to choosing those girls you are going to be getting ready with the morning of your wedding, you need to know you have people who truly love and care about you. Choosing my girls wasn't a hard decision as they are family and I couldn't imagine not having them there with me on my big day.

My Maid of Honour:

Megan is my little sister. Although the age gap between us was a bit of an issue when we were younger, I barely notice it anymore and she is a brilliant sister and auntie to Cameron and Carly. I couldn't be without her!


Becky is my soon to be sister in law as she is engaged to my brother James and will be marrying him in 2015! I am so happy to be gaining Becky as a sister as she is the loveliest person I have met. James chose well!

Flower Girl

My Flower Girl was always going to be Carly. Even before she was born I was imagining her walking down the aisle before me and I picked out her outfit at the start of the year (hopefully she'll fit into it!). She is totally going to steal the show!

A special mention also goes to my two close friends Aimee and Sealy. Although they aren't bridesmaids, they are both doing readings at the wedding. I am so happy they get to share my special day with me as life and babies have gotten in the way over the past couple of years.

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